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Friday, January 27, 2012

Unliking a Fan Page

With the Facebook changes and you not having the choice what you see in your News Feed anymore I thought a few people might be wondering how to unclutter their feed. Let's say you enter a giveaway and you have to "like: 500 fan pages, now your News feed is littered with pages that you really have no interest in and you can no longer see your game posts, or your family updates, or you favorite fan pages.  So you start to wonder how in the world do I fix this problem?

Fixing the problem is very easy.  Let's say you no longer want to see "Jack and Jill's Hill" in your news feed.  Click on "Jack and Jill's Hill" in your news feed or Type in "Jack and Jill's Hill' in the search bar on any Facebook page.  Once you are on the fan page look in the lower left hand corner and you will see this

Just click "UNLIKE" and you will no longer see "Jack and Jill's Hill" in your feed.  Very easy to do!  As a Fan Page Owner I ask that you take the extra steps to do this instead of just marking a page as spam.  Bloggers work very hard to keep their pages updated and are proud of their pages and being marked as spam when a person just does not want to see your feed anymore hurts.  Remember Bloggers are people and have feelings too. 


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