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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Get Your Free Body Mass Index


The New Year is coming and along with it all the get healthy resolutions...Head over to Nutrisystem and find out you free Body Mass Index and start your goal planning now... Click the start now button above

Hate missing Awesome deals??

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Coupons and deal

Print the Triaminic now and use it on 1/1/2012 to score Triaminic for just $1 at Walgreens after $5 RR
Print these to get Cheap after Christmas candy

Monday, December 26, 2011


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Free Santa

Entertain your kids with this freebie....I love it...

Print these great coupons

Angry Birds

                                               10"Angry Birds Plush Doll Toy (Green),$5.75
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These super cute slippers are just $5.55

Free Recipe Book

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Looking for some great recipes that are healthy??..check out this Freebie...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Expired**Shoe Carnival

Make sure you Print this great coupon....Hurry and get yours now...

Gift card with Theraflu

Head over here and use zip 80808 and click health care....

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Free Retro Games

Click the HUGE banner to check out the free games

I love the old games...Do you remember them??...Have a blast with these freebies right on your computer...


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hiding Reindeer

Dancer   Burger King      Post on Mycouportieragiveaways Blog
Cupid     End Of Retail    Post on TodaysPrintableCoupons Blog
Comet    Synovate           Post on TodaysPrintableCoupons Blog
Blitzen    Modnique          Post on TodaysPrintableCoupons Blog

Vixen    Valued Opinions     Post on TodaysPrintableCoupons  Blog
Dasher   Scrubbing Bubbles Post on TodaysPrintableCoupons   Blog
Donner   Skinatix Challenge  Post on MyCouportieragiveaways Blog
Prancer   Puppy Chow         Post on TodaysPrintableCoupons   Blog
Rudolph  Blue Ray Deal       Post on TodaysPrintableCoupons  Blog

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Scrubbing Bubbles

Scrubbing Bubbles

I love getting coupons in my inbox...I know about them first and I don't have to worry about them reaching print limit before I find out about them...Get money saving offers and more in the free e-newsletter from the makers of Scrubbing Bubbles. Click Here

Walmart overage

Hot coupon will give you .38 in overage at Walmart

Freebie from Curves


Get a free week at Curves...New members only...starting to think my curves needs some Curves...


Christmas Blowout

I love Zulily and all the unique awesome deals they have...right now they have a sale going on with Melissa and Doug toys but what I really love???..check out the awesome pics below....Click here to check them out


Blue Ray Deal

Panasonic Ultrafast-Booting Blu-ray Player with $10 Credit. $69.99 with a $10 Credit making this bad boy only $59.99. Hot Blue Ray Deal

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Haute Look

 Jane cosmetics All on sale for $2.97 normally as much as $9.99 Ends Wednesday Look here

Free Prints

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Sign up for Shutterfly and get 50 free 4x6 prints...Super easy sign up to snag this freebie..


Monday, December 12, 2011

Two Great Ways to earn on Swagbucks

Frosty Rewards
The chill in the air and the gentle drifting of snowflakes means one thing...

Welcome to the first ever Swagbucks Snowball fight, where team Let It Swag takes on Jingle Bucks in a challenge to see which team can complete the most wins from SBTV (1 pt; mobile not incl.), Search (2 pt), Tasks (3 pts), Trusted Surveys (4 pts) and Special Offers/Daily Deals (5 pts) from December 8th - December 21st. Outscore the other team and every member of your team that does at least one of the activities gets a bonus of 25 Swag Bucks! The runner up team's bonus will be 10 Swag Bucks. The member with the most overall points from each team will earn a bonus of 100 Swag Bucks. Game On!
I am soooooo not on the winning team....LOL


Tasks are an opportunity to do specific actions (called "jobs") and earn Swagbucks based on performance, accuracy and time spent. You can even bank the Swag Bucks you earn from a task if you have to stop in the middle and come back later. Once your task meter is filled up, cash out and watch your Swag Buck total increase!"   I love easy ways to build up my Swagbucks!!




Friday, December 9, 2011

Free Kindle E-Book

Free E-book...I love the For Dummies Books... A Little Bit of Everything for Dummies

Shake it up

Does your Mini-Me watch Shake it up??..head over to Amazon and check out Shake it Up CD+DVD Soundtrack.

JustFab Just for you

Head over to JustFab and take a full little quiz to find your fashion style...I'm more of a jean and tshirt gal but I love Shoes.....and loved the shoes that they picked for me....You dont have to purchase anything to find your style but if they make you JustFabulous why not treat yourself to an early Christmas present...
On With the Quiz