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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Things to know for 2012

Things you should know about 2012

Homeowners insurance will be going up this year. 
Because of all the natural disasters that have hit the county in the last few years according to USA today recent disasters like the Tornadoes in the South East and Hurricane Irene have reeked havoc on the bottom line of insurance companies. They predict insurance will rise up to 5%. 

You have more time to file you income taxes this year. 
Because April 15 falls on a Sunday this year and April 16 is an holiday observed in the District of Columbia. So you have until April 17 to file this year. 

Technology Trends For 2012
Blackberry is out
Androids & Apples are in
iPad 3 or something similar is coming out soon
Alarm clocks are out
Land lines are out
Wrist watches are out
Facebook will continue to dominate the social media and more changes are on the way for FB users. 

Most Stressful Jobs 
1. Soldier
2. Firefighter
3. Airline Pilot

Least Stressful Jobs
 Medical Records Technician
 Hair Stylist

Auto Sales
Auto Sales were way up in 2011 and they say even better in 2012
Ford sales went up 11% for the year. They sold 2 million for the first time since 2007.
GM sold over 2.5 million a 13% increase from 2010
Chrysler was up 26%  selling more then 1.3 million
Nissan 15% increase for the year. Even after the Earthquake and Tsunami this year that slowed production.
Because of this the Center of auto makers predicts that car manufacturers will add over 167,000 job within the next 3 years

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